The field medicine that turned into a dietary supplement

Field researchers discovered i 1978 active compounds in rye that was later classified as Oralmat Original(formula) - trade name: Oralmat Drops - a natural herbal medicine for cold, sore throat and influenza. The product was introduced to the international markets in 1991.

My name is Lars Klette, former field researcher. Following a TV program about a COPD patient in 2005, I introduced Oralmat Drops in Norway since cold, sore throat and influenza share common inflammation as the trigger mechanism that is common in asthma, bronchitis, and COPD as well as in allergy. Next morning I called the COPD patient and offered him to try the Oralmat Drops for free, and if he felt for it, to publish the results to help others.

An intended study at a local hospital in Norway, by Dr. Alexander Mills, failed because the hospital feared for its reputation by getting involved in a study of a herb. That was a set-back but on the bright side, the patient, Harald Hoel, replaced the drugs with the Oralmat Drops gradually over 15 months and got rid of COPD and could return to his job as a swimming instructor at a local primary school.

A second case years later another COPD patient, Mr. Odd Magne Stave, was so badly ill that the doctor offered to remove half his left side lung in an attempt to slow down or stop the infection from spreading and give him an extra year to live. With nothing to lose, the non-believer in natural medicine turned to natural medicine and began an Oralmat Drop Theraphy. After the annual examination at a state regional hospital 10 months later, the sick lung was free for infection, Odd Magne had successfully fought off COPD, an officially declared un-curable disease and the prove is in his doctor’s journal available at request.

These are two examples. The first case, Harald, have been translated to English, here is the link. Father and son healthy from COPD and Asthma (Food&Health 02-2007)

The second case, the latest one is not yet translated. But there are several more editorials on the sites for your perusal in the meantime.

Here is a link to an editorial from an interview of myself, where I pinpoint the challenges with getting press reviews, the influence of Big Pharma, the establishment and more, conditions that also exist in the United States of America, in general, everywhere. Oralmat Drops as an alternative treatment of Asthma and COPD (Food & Health 03-2007)

Oslo August 2017
Lars Klette

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