The field medicine that turned into a dietary supplement

Field researchers discovered i 1978 active compounds in rye that was later classified as Oralmat - a natural herbal medicine for cold, sore throat and influenza. The product was introduced to the international markets in 1991. In 2003 the regulatory authorities altered the rules and re-classified Oralmat as a dietary supplement, removing the rights to promote the product as the herbal medicine it was.

My name is Lars Klette, former field researcher. After watching a TV program about a COPD patient in my home in Oslo, Norway in 2005, I was inspired to introduce Oralmat in Norway. I called the guy, Harald, the next morning and offered him to try Oralmat in exchange of publishing the results to help others. He agreed and the deal was on.

While Harald dived into his Oralmat therapy, I obtained acceptance from REK, the research-ethical committee, to use the study design Dr. Alexander Mills had agree to follow when carrying out a clinical double blind study of Oralmat with his COPD-patients at a local hospital in Norway, named Hamar Sykehus Innlandet. The week before studystart, the management warned Dr.Mills that he would have to find another job if he did the study, and that was that, no study. Inquiries to others in the medical establishment brought similar results, it was really a dead end wherever we turned.

On the bright side Harald's health had improved dramatically, with almost 70% increase in lung capacity in only 8 months. When his son saw how his father`s health improved, he followed suit and got rid of his asthma in just 5 weeks. Amazing.

And it served as the much needed motivation to stay in the game of fighting against arrogance and ignorance that so far took a pause with the legal action I took against the Norwegian Medicines Agency in 2012 for a smear campaign against Oralmat. The verdict brought a 50% victory in 2014 that was good for Oralmat and opened the retail market. The 50% loss was the lack of compensation, but that I can live with. All in all I consider the case a victory.

Oralmat Drops was re-launched in Norway in January 2016. It can be obtained from health stores all over the country in Norway and in Sweden, and online on

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